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Eucommiae Cortex (Eucommia ulmoides Oliver Bark) has been used for anti-osteoporosis usually as an ethnic drug for hundred years in China. In this study, a bioactive compound, 5-(hydroxymethyl)-2-furaldehyde (5-HMF), was isolated from Eucommiae Cortex. We found that after rat bone mesenchymal stem cells (bMSCs) were induced by 5-HMF at the concentration of(More)
Traditional Chinese medicine can promote the proliferation of bone marrow-derived mesenchymal stem cells (BMSCs). We chose four "Kidney-tonifying" Chinese herbal medicines, Radix Astragali, Salvia, Herba Epimedii, and Saussurea Involucrata, to evaluate whether they had positive effects on the proliferation of BMSCs and TGF-β1-induced chondrogenic(More)
A geared 5-bar spring/linkage mechanism used for hopping robot is investigated based on the analysis of over-obstacle performance, and the mechanism is able to adjust the energy stored in spring for hopping. The impact of structure parameters on over-obstacle performance is also investigated. The gait of robot in a hopping cycle is analyzed as the action(More)
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