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Research on Ghosting of Parallax Barrier Displays
The result of software simulation shows that by improving the barrier structure of Panum's area and viewing zones, the viewing zones are increased and the probability of ghosting is decreased. Expand
Non-Contact Optical Automatic Measurement of Free-From Surface Based on Conoscopic Holography
To solve the problems of the speed and the accuracy in free-form surface measurement, an automatic measurement system based on conoscopic holography is proposed. With a 5 DOF automatic positioningExpand
Development of medlar jujube vinegar
The byproduct of jujube and medlar were developed using enzyme hydrolysis,alcohol fermentation and acetic fermentation to produce medlar jujube vinegar.The optimal processing technology of alcoholExpand
On the Relationship between the Major Education and the Quality Education in the Study of Laws
The quality education in the Study of Laws is put forward on the basis that college students' quality education becomes prosperous and the shortcomings of the major education must be overcome so asExpand
Cherished Heritage of Part-time Learning and the Immersion of Culture——The Customs of Cultural Education in Jiang Touzhou Village of Lingchuan County of Guangxi Can Be an Example
Part-time learning and self-study are educational customs and cultural tradition which took place in the tribes or villages in which families can be viewed as groups.This traditional culture isExpand
A Textual Research on Whether Xu Fu is Earlier in Time Than the Emperor Jinmu
From the old documents of both China and Japan,the Emperor Jinmu of Japan is earlier than Xufu of Qin Dynasty,but considering the unity of thoughts,the establishment of the country and conditions ofExpand