Wen-Jen Hwang

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We study the kinetics of infiltration in which contaminant particles, which are suspended in a flowing carrier fluid, penetrate a porous medium. The progress of the "invader" particles is impeded by their trapping on active "defender" sites which are on the surfaces of the medium. As the defenders are used up, the invader penetrates further and ultimately(More)
This paper presents a novel solar orientation measurement system based on solar cells. A methodology for calculating the solar orientation is developed in which the time and latitude angles of the sun are determined from the measured output voltages of inclined solar cells. Three types of measurement system are considered, namely a single cell type, a(More)
We examine the dynamics of an age-structured population model in which the life expectancy of an offspring may be mutated with respect to that of the parent. While the total population of the system always reaches a steady state, the fitness and age characteristics exhibit counter-intuitive behavior as a function of the mutational bias. By analytical and(More)
We study the dissolution of a solid by continuous injection of reactive "acid" particles at a single point, with the reactive particles undergoing biased diffusion in the dissolved region. When acid encounters the substrate material, both an acid particle and a unit of the material disappear. We find that the lengths of the dissolved cavity parallel and(More)
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