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LASERS, OPTICS, AND OPTOELECTRONICS 2707 Dynamic response of the electro-optic effect in epitaxial KNbO3
The dynamic response of the electro-optic coefficient of epitaxial KNbO3 thin films was measured at room temperature. The effective electro-optic coefficient for these films at 100 kHz is 12 pm/V.
Improvement of Power Performance of GaN HEMT by Using Quaternary InAlGaN Barrier
High power performance InAlGaN/GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) as a candidate for high power and high frequency amplifiers has been demonstrated versus the conventional AlGaN/GaN HEMT by
Infrared materials and devices of 1 II-V arsenides and antimonides by molecular beam epitaxy Final
Infrared dectroabsorption modulation in AlSb/InAs/AlGaSb/GaSb/AlSb stepped quantum wells grown by molecular beam epitaxy was achieved. Molecular beam epitaxial growth of GaTnSbHi for 8-12 urn
Narrow Gap Superlattices for Infrared Sensor Application
Abstract : The emphasis of our research under this program is to obtain high quality narrow gap superlattices for infrared sensor applications. During this initial phase of research, all the
InAs HVT for Extremely Low Power and High Speed Applications
Abstract : Detailed experiments were carried out to establish the working epitaxial layer structure for the InAs high velocity transistors (InAs HVT). Appropriate InAlAsSb barrier and high purity
High-quality AlGaN/GaN grown on sapphire by gas-source molecular beam epitaxy using a thin low-temperature AlN layer
Growth of high-quality AlGaN/GaN heterostructures on sapphire by ammonia gas-source molecular beam epitaxy is reported. Incorporation of a thin AlN layer grown at low temperature within the GaN
Avalance photodetectors with an electrically isolated guard ring
A 2D finite difference method is employed to demonstrate the effectiveness of the use of guard rings in reducing surface electric field along the semiconductor/insulator interface of planar avalanche
Compact GaAs-based second-harmonic generation horizontal cavity surface-emitting blue lasers
A low-threshold second-harmonic generation horizontal cavity surface emitting laser (SHG-HCSEL) operating at 0.49 micrometers under electrical pumping is proposed and theoretical design
Infrared Material Development Based on III-V Antimonides
Abstract : Near infrared optical absorption and photoreflectance were carried out on InGaAsN with Sb for infrared material development. Sb was used to improve the crystal growth of GaN by molecular