Wen-Hung Wang

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—This study develops a high-performance stand-alone photovoltaic (PV) generation system. To make the PV generation system more flexible and expandable, the backstage power circuit is composed of a high step-up converter and a pulsewidth-modulation (PWM) inverter. In the dc–dc power conversion, the high step-up converter is introduced to improve the(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel key management scheme based on genetic algorithms to fulfill the requirement of power control, memory usage, and computation security in a hierarchical wireless sensor network. We divide our scheme into three parts: the sink node, the header nodes and the sensor nodes. The sink node first uses genetic algorithms to generate(More)
A mutant library of 249 mutants with mutations that span the entire Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) genome was generated by transposition with EZ : : TN <KAN-2> and insertion with an apramycin resistance gene by a PCR-targeting method. This study also demonstrates the feasibility of generating deletions and site-specific mutations in the BRLF1 promoter on the EBV(More)
It is becoming increasingly evident that certain phytochemicals possess cancer chemopreventive properties. In this study, the antiproliferative activity of extracts from different parts of the jaboticaba (Myrciaria cauliflora) plant was evaluated for its effect on human oral carcinoma cell lines. The cytotoxicities of various plant extract concentrations(More)
Dear Editor, In 2014, Taiwan experienced its largest dengue virus (DENV) outbreak since formal records were kept starting in 1981. 1 According to Taiwan's Centers for Disease Control (Taiwan CDC), 2 there were 15 732 reported DENV infections in 2014, including 15 492 indigenous and 240 imported cases. Among them, 15 043 cases (95.6%) occurred in Kaohsiung(More)
Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) expression was investigated by immunohistochemistry (latent membrane protein 1 [LMP-1]) and in situ hybridization (EBV encoded RNA [EBER]) in biopsies from 95 patients with untreated Hodgkin's disease (HD). Tumour EBV status was related to EBV antibody titres, spontaneous and concanavalin A induced blood lymphocyte DNA synthesis,(More)
The crucial role of gap junctions, which are composed of connexin (Cx) protein, in auditory functions has been confirmed by numerous studies. Cx29 is a relatively new member of the Cx protein family. In this article, we report variants of the Cx29 gene in 253 unrelated Taiwanese patients with nonsyndromic hearing loss. Thirteen (5.14%) of the 253 patients(More)