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The cleanliness of feeding bottles is vital for child health (1, 2). Because of versatile, light, sturdy, reusable, and cost-efficient, plastic bottles, rather than conventional glass bottles are increasingly being utilized in the reusable feeding bottles. Although the machine cleaning of bottles in the food industry has been established (3, 4), the results(More)
Aluminum and iron oxides have been often used in the coagulation processes during water purification due to their unique surface properties toward anions. In the presence of silica, the coprecipitation of Al/Si or Fe/Si might decrease the efficiency of wastewater purification and reuse. In this study, surface properties and molecular structures of Al/Si and(More)
In upstream reaches, epilithic algae are one of the major primary producers and their biomass may alter the energy flow of food webs in stream ecosystems. However, the overgrowth of epilithic algae may deteriorate water quality. In this study, the effects of environmental variables on epilithic algal biomass were examined at 5 monitoring sites in mountain(More)
—OFDM has been proposed for IEEE 802.16, WiMax system. At the receiver, the knowledge of symbol timing is required for the signal demodulation in the system. Without symbol synchronization, the effects of ISI will degrade the system performance in the system. This paper proposes a non-data aided symbol synchronization algorithm employing the conjugate(More)
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