Wen-Hsien Tseng

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Single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) prioritization based on the phenotypic risk is essential for association studies. Assessment of the risk requires access to a variety of heterogeneous biological databases and analytical tools. FASTSNP (function analysis and selection tool for single nucleotide polymorphisms) is a web server that allows users to(More)
Three-dimensional hexagonally packed PLLA nanohelices in the PS matrix were formed in the self-assembly of PS-PLLA chiral block copolymer. After hydrolysis of the PLLA blocks, PS with hexagonally packed helical nanochannels can be fabricated and treated as the template for the following sol-gel process. Subsequently, silica precursor mixture was introduced(More)
Gene Name Service (GNS) provides up-to-date alias resolution services for 26 types of gene identifiers of Homo sapiens genes via both Web server (for human users) and Web Service (for other applications). GNS automatically updates its database to keep its contents up-to-date.
Considering that large and various contents are shared over thousands of peers across a P2P network, one challenging problem is to locate the target content in such a large and unorganized environment. Hence, a P2P system designed with the content classification and managed distribution is more efficient and reliable than the mass and unclassified ones. We(More)
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