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Deltex is known as a Notch signal mediator, but its physiological action mechanism is poorly understood. Here we identified a new regulatory role of Deltex in T-cell activation. Deltex expression was constitutive in resting T cells and was reduced upon T-cell receptor (TCR)-stimulated activation. The biological role of Deltex is supported by the enhanced(More)
The physiological activity of Notch is a function of its ability to increase survival in many cell types. Several pathways have been shown to contribute to the survival effect of Notch, but the exact mechanism of Notch action is not completely understood. Here we identified that the regulation of cell survival by Notch intracellular domain could partly be(More)
Application of regulatory T cells (Tregs) in transplantation, autoimmunity and allergy has been extensively explored, but how Foxp3 and Treg stability is regulated in vivo is incompletely understood. Here, we identify a requirement for Deltex1 (DTX1), a contributor to T-cell anergy and Foxp3 protein level maintenance in vivo. Dtx1(-/-) Tregs are as(More)
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