Wen Hsiang Wei

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In content-based image retrieval systems using relevance feedback are often considered relevant images but ignored irrelevant images. This paper proposes an approach of updating corresponding weight by combining the proportion of relevant and irrelevant images. According the proportion, using the standard deviation adjust the feature value. To avoid the(More)
In content-based image retrieval systems, relevance feedback is an important way to narrow the gap between low-level features and high-level conception. Relevant images were often considered in traditional relevant feedback. But irrelevant images weren't considered. The method of moving query vector and method of updating weight factor are only separately(More)
As the duration of a large project is long, its consumption is significant. In order to complete the project efficiently, the project duration and the resources should be scheduled. During the project execution, if more resources are allocated, the make-span of an activity may be compressed. Thus, the project cost is a function of activity duration through(More)
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