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Computational science is paramount to the understanding of underlying processes in internal combustion engines of the future that will utilize non-petroleum-based alternative fuels, including carbon-neutral biofuels, and burn in new combustion regimes that will attain high efficiency while minimizing emissions of particulates and nitrogen oxides.(More)
We present here an approach and algorithm for mining generalized term associations. The problem is to find co-occurrence frequencies of terms, given a collection of documents each with relevant terms, and a taxonomy of terms. We have developed an efficient Count Propagation Algorithm (CPA) targeted for library applications such as Medline. The basis of our(More)
This paper describes a new low-temperature process underlying the synthesis of highly transparent ultrananocrystalline diamond [UNCD] films by low-pressure and unheated microwave plasma jet-enhanced chemical vapor deposition with Ar-1%CH4-10%H2 gas chemistry. The unique low-pressure/low-temperature [LPLT] plasma jet-enhanced growth even with added H2 and(More)
There are three key aspects of sharing and interconnection in a federated database environment: information discovery, semantic heterogeneity resolution, and system-level interconnection. Although the focus here is on the system-level interconnection process of the three key aspects described above, we also provide brief discussions on the other two aspects(More)
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