Wen-Hong Kuo

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The objective of this study was to test the reliability and validity of the Taiwan Chinese version of the EORTC QLQ-C30 (version 3) and EORTC QLQ-BR23. The authors followed the guidelines of translation and pilot testing of the questionnaires. The questionnaires were given to 35 breast cancer patients under active treatment and 54 under follow-up at the(More)
MicroRNAs, which are small endogenous RNA regulators, have been associated with various types of cancer. Breast cancer is a major health threat for women worldwide. Many miRNAs were reported to be associated with the progression and carcinogenesis of breast cancer. In this study, we aimed to discover novel breast cancer-related miRNAs and to elucidate their(More)
Although evidence suggests an importance of genetic factors in the development of breast cancer in Taiwanese (ethnic Chinese) women, including a high incidence of early-onset and secondary contralateral breast cancer, a major breast cancer predisposition gene, BRCA1, has not been well studied in this population. In fact, the carcinogenic impacts of many(More)
AIMS Early detection of breast cancer can improve disease mortality. The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of serum biomarkers in the detection of primary breast cancer and lymph node metastatic status. METHODS Serum samples were obtained from 55 female patients with breast cancer and 39 women without breast cancer. For these subjects,(More)
Regulatory T (Treg) cells are a subpopulation of T cells with the ability to control the responses of both CD4+ and CD8+ T cells. A case-control study was conducted in order to determine the functional attributes of Treg cells within the breast cancer milieu. Triple-color flow cytometry was utilized to study the phenotype expression of CD4+CD25+ Treg cells(More)
To test whether computerized quantification of ultrasonic heterogeneity can be of help in the diagnosis of thyroid malignancy, we evaluated ultrasonic heterogeneity with an objective and quantitative computerized method in a prospective setting. A total of 400 nodules including 271 benign thyroid nodules and 129 malignant thyroid nodules were evaluated.(More)
BACKGROUND To analyze the overall outcome, supraclavicular fossa (SCF) recurrence rate, and pattern of failure in breast cancer patients treated with conservative surgery and adjuvant radiotherapy excluding SCF treatment. METHODS A total of 143 patients were enrolled in the study. Ninety-two percent of patients were stages I and II, and 8% were stage III.(More)
We report a 59-year-old woman presenting with a 2-month history of occasional bloody discharge from her right nipple and a palpable right breast mass on self-examination. The mammography revealed heterogeneously dense fibroglandular stromas of bilateral breasts, a lobulated mass in her right breast associated with faint pleomorphic microcalcifications, and,(More)
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