Wen Hao Yang

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Plant viral expression vectors are advantageous for high-throughput functional characterization studies of genes due to their capability for rapid, high-level transient expression of proteins. We have constructed a series of tobacco mosaic virus (TMV) based vectors that are compatible with Gateway technology to enable rapid assembly of expression constructs(More)
BACKGROUND Employing genomic DNA clones to characterise gene attributes has several advantages over the use of cDNA clones, including the presence of native transcription and translation regulatory sequences as well as a representation of the complete repertoire of potential splice variants encoded by the gene. However, working with genomic DNA clones has(More)
SUMMARY This study proposes an edge-based single-resolution compression scheme for triangular mesh connectivity. The proposed method improves upon EdgeBreaker. Nearly all of these algorithms are either multiple traversals or operate in reverse order. Operating in reverse order should work only off-line in the EdgeBreaker decompression process. Many(More)
Transduction and expression procedures in gene therapy protocols may optimally transfer more than a single gene to correct a defect and/or transmit new functions to recipient cells or organisms. This may be accomplished by transduction with two (or more) vectors, or, more efficiently, in a single vector. Occasionally, it may be useful to coexpress(More)
This work proposes a simple and effective strategy for photon clustering, called Regional Photon Clustering, to accelerate the global illumination updating of dynamic scenes. This method can cluster various numbers of photons adaptively. The scenes in adjacent frames are similar, and so most photons have the same moving paths in adjacent frames. Therefore,(More)
Recently numerous studies have attempted to develop efficient algorithms for com-pressing/decompressing geometric data. Almost all of these algorithms are either multiple pass traversals or operate in reverse order. Multiple pass traversals take a long time to execute. Operating in reverse order should work only off-line since its decompression order(More)