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An integrated intelligent home video management system was proposed in this paper. Five different types of multimedia representative features were computed as the basis of the home video management system. With the aid of some machine learning techniques, such as SVM, neural network, adaboost algorithm, and the K-means clustering algorithm, we develop six(More)
In this paper, a comprehensive solution for managing abandoned objects is proposed, which means that the system can deal with the objects that are abandoned and removed. The system contains two adaptive abandoned object detection (AOD) methods that are both based on the Gaussian mixture model for real environments. The first method is more efficient than(More)
This paper presents an interactive video event retrieval system based on improved adaboost learning. This system consists of three main steps. Firstly, a long video sequence is partitioned into several video clips by using a distribution-based approach instead of detecting shot transition boundaries. Secondly, audiovisual features (i.e., color, motion and(More)
Video surveillance usually requires multiple cameras to monitor objects of interest, such as people. However, different appearances acquired from different cameras of the same people often make the construction of a robust individualized appearance model very challenging. In this paper, we present a kernel-based method that maps the bag-of-feature based(More)
We consider the volume corrected characteristics-mixed method (VCCMM) for tracer transport problems. The volume correction adjustment maintains the local volume conservation of bulk fluids and the numerical convergence of the method. We discuss some details of implementation by considering the scheme from an algebraic point of view. We show that the volume(More)
This paper presents the extension of previous proposed work of abandoned object detection in real time system [1]. Recently the use of CCTV cameras for security purpose is increased. All the public places are now under the CCTV. Now state government has also made it compulsory to use CCTV for cooperative housing societies. This work is done to give the good(More)