Wen-Hann Wang

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We propose and analyze a two-level cache organization that provides high memory bandwidth. The first-level cache is accessed directly by virtual addresses. It is small, fast, and, without the burden of address translation, can easily be optimized to match the processor speed. The virtually-addressed cache is backed up by a large physically-addressed cache;(More)
mulation Methods Analysis We propose improvements to current trace-driven cache simulation methods to make them faster and more economical We attack the large time and space demands of cache simulation in two ways. First, we reduce the program traces to the extent that exact performance can still be obtained from the reduced traces. Second, we devise an(More)
vv hen we wrote this paper, it had been over 20 years since caches had been introduced and they had become a regular feature in most computer systems. As applications were demanding more main memory and as the gap between processor speed and memory access time was widening (a familiar story today), the need for larger caches was clear. Like today though,(More)