Wen-Han Wang

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Diallel analyses of F1 and reciprocal crosses among five winter wheat lines show that additive, non-additive, and cytoplasmic genetic effects were significant in the genetic control of somatic embryogenesis, shoot, and root induction frequencies as well as in numbers of somatic embryos, shoots, and roots. However, additive genetic effect appears to be most(More)
In this paper, a new application of phase change material GeSnSbTe (GSST) is proposed for high-speed phase-change memory (PCM). The device characteristics of PCM employing GeSnSbTe and conventional Ge<sub>2</sub>Sb<sub>2</sub>Te<sub>5</sub> (GST) are compared. Because of high crystallization speed, the GSST device demonstrates the benefits of shorter SET(More)
A novel PCM cell with double GST thermally confined structure was proposed and fabricated in this work. by inserting an extra bottom GST layer under the confined GST region, the heat loss can be effectively prevented and the temperature profile over active region becomes more uniform. thus, a low reset current less than 0.3 ma can be achieved and the set(More)
The main objective of this article is to predict the traffic flow for the purpose of urban traffic management. Long term incidents, such as floods, road maintenance or major traffic incidents can cause significant disruptions on the traffic flows in large metropolitan areas such as Sydney. There is a need to comprehend how traffic will be impacted in a city(More)
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