Wen-Fong Ke

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In the last decade considerable works have been done concerning local properties of maps; see [1], [7], and [9]–[32], where other references can be found. The goal of this paper is to show that automorphisms and derivations of prime rings with nontrivial idempotents can be “almost” determined by the action on the zero-product elements. Our first theorem(More)
for all a, b ~ C. The incidence structure obtained from this planar nearring is (C, ~* , ~), where T is the unit circle and ~ * is the set of all circles in the complex plane. To initialize the study, Clay chooses the family of circles in ~ * with a fixed radius r, r :/: 0, and then partitions this family into equivalence classes E~ = { Tr + b I b ~ Tc},(More)
Following a method by Meldrum and van der Walt, near-rings of matrix maps are defined for general near-rings, not necessarily with identity. The influence of one-sided identities is discussed. When the base near-ring is integral and planar, the near-ring of matrix maps is shown to be simple. Various types of primitivity of the near-ring of matrix maps are(More)
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