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We propose and investigate three connection admission control policies for the establishment of label switched paths (LSPs) in IP/ MPLS over optical networks. We show that the policy of establishing LSPs ®rst in the optical layer achieves a better blocking performance. We examine the effect of the number of add/drop ports of optical cross-connects (OXCs) on(More)
Recent advances in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) technology will provide bandwidth intensive multicast applications with large transmit capacities. This paper provides two new grooming schemes that lead to efficient resource utilization in WDM networks. They are called Light-Tree Division-Destination Branch Node based Grooming scheme (LTD-DBNG) and(More)
In this paper, we analytically investigate an optical signal detection scheme to mitigate the scintillation effect with the assistance of a co-propagating reference continuous wave (CW) light. Using the correlation coefficient between the intensities of the data light and the reference CW light, we mathematically derive their joint intensity distributions(More)
We investigate the performance of visible light communication (VLC) system with a pulse width modulation (PWM) dimming control scheme. Under this scheme, the communication quality in terms of number of transmitted bits and bit error rate (BER) of less than 10(-3) should be guaranteed. However, for on-off-keying (OOK) signal, the required data rate becomes(More)
We propose a scheme to improve the SNR distribution as well as the spectral efficiency of M-QAM OFDM signal for indoor visible light communication by tilting the receiver plane. Newton method is employed for the photo-detector to receive maximum power by finding the optimal tilting angle. This method is a fast algorithm that only three searching steps are(More)