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We propose and investigate three connection admission control policies for the establishment of label switched paths (LSPs) in IP/ MPLS over optical networks. We show that the policy of establishing LSPs ®rst in the optical layer achieves a better blocking performance. We examine the effect of the number of add/drop ports of optical cross-connects (OXCs) on(More)
Recent advances in wavelength-division multiplexing (WDM) technology will provide bandwidth intensive multicast applications with large transmit capacities. This paper provides two new grooming schemes that lead to efficient resource utilization in WDM networks. They are called Light-Tree Division-Destination Branch Node based Grooming scheme (LTD-DBNG) and(More)
The arrangement with 4 LEDs positioned in the corners and 12 LEDs spread evenly on a circle makes the fluctuation of received SNR reduce to 0.85dB. The BER performance does not suffer severely from ISI, where ZF equalization only provides 0.28dB power reduction to achieve BER of 10<sup>&#x2212;3</sup> when the receiver locates in the corner.