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Random fluctuations in process conditions change the physical properties of parameters on a chip. The correlation of device parameters depends on spatial locations. In general, the closer devices most likely have the similar parameter variation. The key performance of many analog circuits is directly related to accurate capacitance ratios. Parallel unit(More)
According to numbers of music cognitive experiments, moods or emotions in music could be categorical. Since mood classifications are commonly used to structure the large collections of music available on the Web, automatic discrimination between mood taxonomy of Chinese traditional music and Western classical music would be a valuable addition to music(More)
Automatic discrimination of music mood is one important field of MIR. Considering the difference of Chinese traditional music and Western classical music, it is necessary to study these two kinds of music's mood taxonomy. In this paper, the mood taxonomy models of Chinese traditional music and Western classical music are implemented, and then three content(More)
Next-decade computing power and interconnect bottle-neck challenge conventional IC design due to the ever increasing demands for high frequency and great bandwidth. Three-dimensional large-scale integration (3D-LSI) provides an opportunity to realize such high performance cores while reducing long latency. In this paper, we present a reference flow for the(More)