Wen Ching Wu

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In the title compound, [Cu(3)I(3)(C(5)H(5)NS)(3)](n), a polymeric structure is formed along [100] through bridging iodide and pyridine-2-thione ligands. The metal atoms are engaged in [Cu(3)S(3)] and [Cu(2)S(2)] rings sharing Cu-S edges, with the [Cu(2)S(2)] rings located about inversion centers. Cu(I) atoms bridged by iodide ions exhibit the shortest Cu⋯Cu(More)
Next-decade computing power and interconnect bottle-neck challenge conventional IC design due to the ever increasing demands for high frequency and great bandwidth. Three-dimensional large-scale integration (3D-LSI) provides an opportunity to realize such high performance cores while reducing long latency. In this paper, we present a reference flow for the(More)