Wen-Chin Chen

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In this ever-changing world, information technology (IT) is a must for the survival of a company, and the functions of IT department is becoming increasingly important. The assessment of IT department is critical to understand how the department contributes to organizational and strategic goals. Because IT department performs many tasks that cannot simply(More)
Importance-performance analysis (IPA) is a simple but effective means of assisting practitioners in prioritizing service attributes when attempting to enhance service quality and customer satisfaction. As numerous studies have demonstrated, attribute performance and overall satisfaction have a non-linear relationship, attribute importance and attribute(More)
MMORPGs have become extremely popular among network gamers. Despite their success, one of MMORPG's greatest challenges is the increasing use of game bots, i.e., auto-playing game clients. The use of game bots is considered unsportsmanlike and is therefore forbidden. To keep games in order, game police, played by actual human players, often patrol game zones(More)
Having received considerable interest in recent years, associative classification has focused on developing a class classifier, with lesser attention paid to the probability classifier used in direct marketing. While contributing to this integrated framework, this work attempts to increase the prediction accuracy of associative classification on class(More)
Hypercalcemia occurs frequently after renal transplantation. Preexisting hyperparathyroidism is the most common cause of post-transplantation hypercalcemia. We describe a renal transplant recipient infected with Pneumocystis carinii pneumonia (PCP) who developed hypercalcemia, elevated 1,25-dihydroxyvitamin D, and suppressed parathyroid hormone levels. This(More)
Determining optimal process parameter settings critically influences productivity, quality, and cost of production in the plastic injection molding (PIM) industry. Previously, production engineers used either trial-and-error method or Taguchi’s parameter design method to determine optimal process parameter settings for PIM. However, these methods are(More)
The coalesced hashing method has been shown to be very fast for dynamic information storage and retrieval. This paper analyzes in a uniform way the performance of coalesced hashing and its variants, thus settling some open questions in the literature. In all the variants, the range of the hash function is called the <italic>address region</italic>, and(More)
This study develops a three-stage integrated approach with some heuristic working rules to assist the planner in generating a best and most effective assembly sequence. In the first stage, Above Graph and transforming rule are used to create a correct explosion graph of the assembly models. In the second stage, a three-level relational model, with geometric(More)