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This paper aims to analyze the power flow of a grid-connected 11.4 kV high-voltage microgrid (MG) with various distributed resources (DRs). First, related papers and technological reports were extensively surveyed. Accordingly, five different types of DRs and their controllable loads were considered for integration into two 11.4 kV primary feeders. These(More)
This work proposes a load transfer scheme for radial distribution feeders with distributed generation units. A distribution feeder may be operated with distributed generation units in parallel. Conventional load transfer schemes do not consider this kind of operating condition. Hence, they are not suitable for power distribution systems including(More)
Renewable energy generating units (REGNs) are widely used in microgrids (MGs). REGNs can reduce the operating cost of a MG; they also affect the operating states of the connected grids, especially the voltages. The larger the power generation of REGNs, the greater the impact on voltage of MGs. Therefore, the power generation of a REGN in a MG should be(More)
This work develops the operational procedures of distributed generation sources (DGSs) in a micro-grid. A micro-grid is a controllable small-scale power system comprised of distributed generation sources (DGSs), storage devices, controllers, and loads. The DGSs may be sustained energy sources or intermittent energy sources. A micro grid consists of(More)
This paper presents an analysis of the unbalanced operating situations of a medium-voltage distribution feeder whose arrangement is changed from an open-loop to a closed-loop type. First, a sample system involving an open-loop distribution feeder is constructed. Second, the sample system is modeled and simulated by the OrCAD PSpice simulation software. The(More)
This work investigates the unbalanced operation conditions of two interconnected radial distribution feeders. To connect two radial distribution feeders is an important method of improving the reliability of a distribution system. However, it also impacts the operation of the system. In this work commercial software, OrCAD PSpice is used to build(More)
—A micro grid (MG) needs a suitable operating strategy to maintain its operation stably. However, the development of an operating strategy for a MG depends deeply on the type and number of distributed generation sources (DGSs). For this reason, this work develops four operating strategies for a MG with one or multi DGSs. The DGSs in MGs can be sustained(More)
The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the operation and nature of a low-voltage AC microgrid with various distributed energy resources (DERs). First, a 400 V low-voltage AC microgrid integrated with a 30 kW microturbine generator, a 13 kW photovoltaic generation system, a 10 kW fuel cell generation system, and a 10 kVA wind turbine generator was(More)
Meshed distribution systems are more reliable than radial and closed-loop ones; however, their structures and operating conditions are more complex than the latter. Hence, operating these types of systems is not easy for power engineers, especially in the case of combined distributed generation (DG) sources. This paper first develops the constant power(More)
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