Wen-Chieh Chou

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The catastrophic earthquake, 7.3 on the Richter scale, occurred on September 21, 1999. The 921 Earthquake was a terrifying disaster that caused numerous casualties in Central Taiwan. It is the severest earthquake in a recent hundred years. The land morphology and topography changed greatly with such features as land upheaval, river blockades and lakes(More)
The catastrophic earthquake, 7.3 on the Richter scale, occurred on September 21, 1999 in Central Taiwan. Much of standing vegetation on slopes was eliminated and massive, scattered landslides were induced at the Jou-Jou Mountain area of the Wu-Chi basin in Nantou County. We evaluated three methods for assessing landslide hazard and vegetation recovery(More)
The combined loss of the Achilles tendon with overlying soft tissue is a reconstructive challenge. To achieve acceptable rehabilitation, such patients need skin coverage including functional repair of the Achilles tendon. This article presents four such patients who were treated successfully by means of an anterolateral thigh (ALT) composite flap with(More)
In recent years, the Taiwanese government has strongly promoted the concept of ecological engineering in the hope that doing so will encourage the maintenance of the ecosystem and its integrity. As a result, the riprap spur dike is one of the most commonly used measures for protecting stream banks. Traditionally, a spur dike is used at concave banks to(More)
A very compact microstrip fed dual band antenna is designed for WLAN and WiMAX application. The antenna offers a wide bandwidth of 1. 28GHz from 2. 396GHz to 3. 678GHz. The antenna resonates at around 2. 53GHz and 3. 37GHz defined by 10dB return loss which covers WLAN (2. 4GHz) and WiMAX (3. 5GHz). The antenna has a rectangular patch with dual inverted(More)
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