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With the advent of the era of big data, cloud computing technology is one of the promising solutions. Many theories and methods, which are originally designed for stand-alone computer, must be re-examined for the applicability in the cloud. For example, most of the XML indexing methods discussed in the literature are suitable for processing small XML files(More)
For efficiently querying XML documents, many indexing methods have been proposed. There is an issue that needs to be explored. As XML documents proliferated in the WWW, queries with the same pattern to the same document may occur frequently. In that case, same query would be reevaluated over and over again. In this paper, we proposed a double-index system(More)
Financial statements of all listed and over the counter (OTC) companies collected by stock exchange represent valuable big open data. Therefore, automatic processing and analyzing such big data would create tremendous added value economically. In this paper, we design and implement a cloud service for evaluating company's financial health using XBRL-based(More)
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