Wen-Chia Liao

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InGaN based MQW solar cells have been fabricated with 4 different transparent top electrode structures: (1)-ITO 200 nm, (2)-ITO nano dots only, (3)-ITO nano dots on ITO 50 nm and (4)-ITO nano dots on ITO 100 nm. The solar cell with the ITO 50 nm on ITO nano dots under AM 1.5 conditions showed the best results: 2.3 V for V oc , 0.69 mA/cm 2 for J sc , 41.8%(More)
This study examined the correlation between the off-state leakage current and dynamic on-resistance (RON) transients in AlGaN/GaN heterostructure field-effect transistors (HFETs) with and without a gate insulator under various stress conditions. The RON transients in a Schottky-gate HFET (SGHFET) and metal-insulator-semiconductor HFET (MISHFET) were(More)
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