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PPG is a potential tool in clinical applications. Among such, the relationship between respiration and PPG signal has attracted attention in past decades. In this research, a bivariate AR spectral estimation method was utilized for the coherence analysis between these two signals. Ten healthy subjects participated in this research with signals measured at(More)
A turn-on fluorescent probe (Naphsulf-O) for hydrazine was developed by protecting the hydroxy group of the fluorophore 6-acetyl-2-hydroxynaphthalene via O-4-nitrobenzenesulfonylation, where 4-nitrobenzene was used as a fluorescence quenching moiety as well as an electrophile. Upon nucleophilic aromatic substitution (NAS) reaction of hydrazine toward the(More)
In this paper, a compact and high selectivity dualband dual-mode microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) with source-load coupling is proposed using the short-stub-loaded folded SIR. Five transmission zeros can be generated near the passband edges and in the upper-stopband to improve the frequency selectivity and stopband performance, due to the main path signal(More)
In this paper, a high selectivity dual-band dualmode microstrip bandpass filter (BPF) with multi-zeros is proposed utilizing short-stub-loaded folded SIRs and Y-shaped source-load coupling structure. The folded SIR supports two non-degenerated modes, thus achieving two independently controlled passbands with adjustable bandwidths by means of coupling two(More)
Mitochondrial vicinal dithiol-containing proteins (VDPs) are key regulators in cellular redox homeostasis and useful markers for diagnostics of redox-dependent diseases. Current probes fail to target mitochondrial VDPs and show limited sensitivity and response rate. We develop a novel fluorescent probe using an engineered benzoxadiazole fluorophore that(More)
Thresholding is the basic way for traffic image processing. Two-dimensional (2-D) thresholding methods can get better results. They used a threshold vector to divide a 2-D histogram into object, background, edge/noise three parts. Object and background parts were the common parts of grayscale information and spatial information. Mutual information focuses(More)
An efficient bifunctional catalyst lipase/organophosphonic acid-functionalized silica (SG-T-P-LS) has been successfully developed, and biodiesel production of fatty acid ethyl ester (FAEE) from free fatty acid (FFA) oleic acid with short-chain alcohol ethanol catalyzed by SG-T-P-LS was investigated. The process optimization using response surface(More)
Sensitive and selective detection and imaging of nitroreductase (NTR) in cancer cells is of great importance for better understanding their biological functions. Since there are a few fluorescent probes concerning NTR activity specifically located in mitochondria, we developed a novel fluorescent benzoindocyanine probe (BICP) for mitochondrial NTR activity(More)
In this letter, a novel compact and high selectivity microstrip filter with source-loaded coupling is proposed using miniaturized dual-mode resonator. The resonator can generate one odd-mode and one even-mode in the desired band. Two resonant frequencies can be adjusted easily to satisfy the bandwidth of the BPF. A transmission zero is created near the(More)