Wen Chang Huang

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Surface structures of the early third-stage larvae were examined by scanning electron microscopy. There were hemispherical head-bulbs at the apical ends. These bulbs could be clearly distinguished from the bodies. The head-bulbs (52 X 29 micron) had four transverse rows of sharp hooklets. The number of hooklets in each row was 37, 36, 38, and 43,(More)
The magnetization behaviors and spin configurations of the classical Ising model on a Shastry-Sutherland lattice are investigated using Monte Carlo simulations, in order to understand the fascinating magnetization plateaus observed in TmB(4) and other rare-earth tetraborides. The simulations reproduce the 1/2 magnetization plateau by taking into account the(More)
—A new charge pump circuit with a clock that shows an increased clock voltage as its stage is increased is proposed in the paper. The charge pump circuit utilizes the cross-connected NMOS, voltage doubler, as a pumping stage. Each stage of the voltage-doubler provides a pair of complementary clock voltages. The clock voltage also increases as the stage of(More)
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