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Results On the T2-T3 continuum Chinese: the perceptual boundary is distinct and there is a significant tendency of the interaction between tone contexts and the identification of T-2 and T-3 (FT2 (1, 7) = 6.44, p<0.05; FT3 (1, 7) =6.10, p<0.05). To make it more concise, the perceptual boundary between T2 and T3 emerges later along the continuum when the(More)
The Virtual Secretary 2 project ViSe2 focuses on the construction of a multi-agent cooperation system. As a research v ehicle, we have c hosen to build intelligent agents that perform secretarial tasks for their users either by themselves or via cooperation. An individual ViSe2 agent has limited knowledge and problem-solving capabilities. To act better for(More)
In this paper, a Remote-sensing image fusion method based on PCAT and WPT is studied. Firstly, the multi-spectral image is transformed with PCAT, then, we can obtain three principal components; Secondly, the first principal component of the multi-spectral image and the panchromatic image are merged with WPT-based fusion method and the former is replaced(More)
The Virtual Secretary (ViSe) is a kind of intelligent agent that could assist its user in major secretarial work. Users give the orders of what to do, while agents figure out how to do and carry out the tasks. This paper presents the ViSe agents in two aspects: (1) construct individual agent on three intelligence levels: knowledge-base level, learning level(More)
High-density lipoprotein (HDL) stimulates the growth of many types of cells, including those of breast cancer. High levels of HDL are associated with an increased risk of breast cancer development. A scavenger receptor of the B class (SR-BI)/human homolog of SR-BI, CD36, and LIMPII analogous-1 (CLA-1) facilitates the cellular uptake of cholesterol from HDL(More)
Joint target tracking and classification (JTC) is a joint decision and estimation (JDE) problem, in which decision and estimation affect each other and good solutions require solving both problems jointly. With the development of modern sensor technology, mixed data from heterogeneous sensors with different characteristics are available. In this paper, we(More)
Extended object tracking and classification (EOTC) involves both decision and estimation, where they affect each other. This is a joint decision and estimation (JDE) problem and good solutions require solving the two problems jointly. The recently proposed JDE and recursive JDE (RJDE) are preferable for solving EOTC problems. To describe the extended(More)
The thymus contains many apoptotic cells that arise from the process of positive and negative selection. Both thymic macrophages and thymic nurse cells/nursing thymic epithelial cells (nursing TECs), non-professional phagocytes, recognize and ingest apoptotic cells without inflammation or tissue damage. Previously we reported that human scavenger receptor(More)
Objective. GD with ATD-induced hepatic injury or leukopenia occurs frequently in clinical practice. The purpose of the present study was to observe the clinical effect of lithium carbonate on hyperthyroidism in patients with GD with hepatic injury or leukopenia. Methods. Fifty-one patients with GD with hepatic injury or leukopenia participated in the study.(More)