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Blend shape animation is the method of choice for keyframe facial animation: a set of blend shapes (key facial expressions) are used to define a linear space of facial expressions. However, in order to capture a significant range of complexity of human expressions, blend shapes need to be segmented into smaller regions where key idiosyncracies of the face(More)
Speech-driven facial motion synthesis is a well explored research topic. However, little has been done to model expressive visual behavior during speech. We address this issue using a machine learning approach that relies on a database of speech-related high-fidelity facial motions. From this training set, we derive a generative model of expressive facial(More)
A conductive distributed Bragg reflector (DBR) fabricated on PET substrate using the single indium tin oxide (ITO) material is proposed. The large index contrast of the DBRs was obtained by depositing alternating layers of dense and porous ITO films. The high refractive index of the dense ITO films was achieved by long-throw radio-frequency magnetron(More)
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