Wen-Bing Horng

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An age group classification system for gray-scale facial images is proposed in this paper. Four age groups, including babies, young adults, middle-aged adults, and old adults, are used in the classification system. The process of the system is divided into three phases: location, feature extraction, and age classification. Based on the symmetry of human(More)
Anonymity is one of the important properties of remote authentication schemes to preserve user privacy. Besides, it can avoid unauthorized entities from using the user ID and other intercepted information to forge legal login messages. In 2004, Das et al. first proposed a remote user authentication scheme with smart cards using dynamic ID to protect user(More)
This paper reports on a study that investigates how different learning methods might affect the learning process of character handwriting among beginning college learners of Chinese, as measured by tests of recognition, approximate production, precise production, and awareness of conventional stroke sequence. Two methodologies were examined during character(More)
Remote user authentication is an essential part in electronic commerce to identify legitimate users over the Internet. However, how to protect user privacy in the authentication has become an important issue recently. Therefore, many secure authentication schemes with smart cards have been proposed. In this paper, we will analyze the security weaknesses of(More)