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In order to enhance the ability of multi-agent system to deal with conflicts of complex system, the negotiation mechanism was presented based on n-person nonzero-sum game theory in this paper, which provided the course descriptions of negotiation, negotiation process and negotiation thread, ft presented composing arithmetic aimed at negotiation alliance of(More)
Mass customization-producing mode had higher demands to product designing courses. Product collaborative design system based on mass customization was designed in this paper, an architecture based on J2EE and engineering database was proposed. The data of the system were divided into global and local forms, while the global data were further classified as(More)
The negotiation of conflict problem in the cooperation design system was studied from the view of solving negotiation problems. A bilateral negotiation algorithm, which was based on genetic algorithm, was presented for the cooperative design system, the realizing project and step of the algorithm was designed. The Pareto solution of the negotiation problem(More)
Aimed at multi-object group decision problem, this paper advances a negotiation mechanism based on game theory, and presents composing method of negotiation alliance to the negotiation problem. Based on importing Nash balance concept, it verifies the stability of negotiation alliance, it realizes the negotiation mechanism by Java language under the J2EE(More)
With the number increment of mobile computing equipment, the invalidation of equipment and broadcasting information because of wireless bandwidth, communication quality and too long scheduling queue that badly influence the system computing performance. Mobile cache is a good technology to solute this difficult problem. Considering the priority problem of(More)
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