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In the past, the studies on knowledge sharing tended to be focused on the organization and few paid attention to the departments inside the organization. In this study, valid samples were collected from Taiwan's 92 IC related firms in the high-tech industry through the Hierarchical Random Sampling method for empirical analysis. The non-linear fuzzy neural(More)
Keywords: Emotional intelligence Relationship involvement Seriousness of service failures a b s t r a c t This paper analyzes consumer switching behaviors from the perspectives of consumer psychology and interactions with the society, such as consumer's emotional intelligence, relationship involvement and personality traits. We survey life insurance(More)
This study is attempted to combine the decomposition theory of planned behavior with the theories of relationship quality and product involvement to establish a complete model for the explanation of factors influencing online investment and post-purchase behavior. The SEM causal model was used to verify the capability of the model to explain the online(More)
This study provides a model of customer satisfaction from a comprehensive perspective and tries to use the nonlinear fuzzy neutral network model to verify the assumptions of the study. Samples are taken from the information and tourism industries at a proportion of 2:1 based on the population in Taipei and Kaohsiung cities. A total of 207 questionnaires are(More)
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