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This paper presents an observation that under reasonable conditions, many partial differential equations from mathematical physics possess three structural properties. One of them can be understand as a variant of the celebrated Onsager reciprocal relation in Modern Thermodynamics. It displays a direct relation of irreversible processes to the entropy(More)
This note presents a simple approach toward interaction estimates of elementary waves for hyperbolic conservation laws. The new approach uses neither the Taylor expansion nor induction. The same technique is used to simplify the diierent interaction estimates in studying nonhomogeneous systems and initial-boundary value problems with Glimm's scheme. 1.(More)
It is well known that the formation of amyloid fiber may cause invertible damage to cells, although the underlying mechanism has not been fully understood. In this article, a microscopic model considering the detailed processes of amyloid formation and cell damage is constructed based on four simple assumptions, one of which is that cell damage is raised by(More)