Welter Silva

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A teaching methodology called Imitative-Reinforcement-Corrective (IRC) learning is described, and proposed as a general approach for teaching embodied non-linguistic AGI systems. IRC may be used with a variety of different learning algorithms, but it is particularly easily described in EC lingo. In these terms, it is a framework for automatically learning a(More)
A software architecture is described which enables a virtual agent in an online virtual world to carry out simple English language interactions grounded in its perceptions and actions. The use of perceptions to guide anaphor resolution is discussed, along with the use of natural language generation to answer simple questions about the observed world. This(More)
We used acallosal and normal adult BALB/cCF mice to test the hypothesis that the development of the corpus callosum is relevant for the establishment of a normal structure of the neocortex. Neuronal density and thickness of individual layers were analyzed in neocortical regions with abundant callosal connections (area 6 and the 17/18a border) and in the(More)
Logic-based AI is often thought of as being restricted to highly abstract domains such as theorem-proving and linguistic semantics. In the Novamente AGI architecture, however, probabilistic logic is used for a wider variety of purposes, including simple reinforcement learning of infantile behaviors, which are primarily concerned with perception and action(More)
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