Welf-Guntram Drossel

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Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) can be facilitated by a realistic simulation model of stent-vessel-interaction. Therefore, numerical feasibility and integrability in the clinical environment was evaluated. The finite element method was used to determine necessary simulation parameters for stent-vessel-interaction in EVAR. Input variables and result data(More)
In total hip arthroplasty and particularly in revision surgery, computer assisted pre-operative prediction of the best possible anchorage strategy for implant fixation would be a great help to the surgeon. Computer simulation relies on validated numerical models. In the current study, three density-elasticity relationships (No. 1-3) from the literature for(More)
Wesentliche Defizite verfügbarer Software zur Planung von Stenting-Interventionen sind die Beschränkung auf zweidimensionale Projektionen der Gefäße und Stents sowie fehlendes Wissen über das Verhalten des Stents im Gefäß. Zur Ermittlung der Stentabmessungen werden derzeit in 2D-CT Schichten am betreffenden Areal Gefäßdurchmesser und Länge gemessen. Die(More)
In this paper the authors propose and verify an approach to control heat flow in machine tool components. Thermal deformations are a main aspect that affects the accuracy of machining. Due to goals of energy efficiency, thermal basic loads should be reduced. This leads to inhomogeneous and time variant temperature profiles. To counteract these negative(More)