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In total hip arthroplasty and particularly in revision surgery, computer assisted pre-operative prediction of the best possible anchorage strategy for implant fixation would be a great help to the surgeon. Computer simulation relies on validated numerical models. In the current study, three density-elasticity relationships (No. 1-3) from the literature for(More)
PURPOSE Endovascular Aneurysm Repair (EVAR) can be facilitated by a realistic simulation model of stent-vessel-interaction. Therefore, numerical feasibility and integrability in the clinical environment was evaluated. METHODS The finite element method was used to determine necessary simulation parameters for stent-vessel-interaction in EVAR. Input(More)
We will aim to develop implants made of a Ni-Ti shape memory alloy which can be applied for the treatment of midface fractures, such as isolated orbital floor fractures. These can then be implanted in a compressed form and unfold automatically in the body. With the help of newly developed application instruments, the implants can be applied along transnasal(More)