Weizhong Z. Wang

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AIM To study the apoptotic rate (AR) and the androgen and estrogen milieu in the proximal and distal ductal systems of prostate, in order to help exploring the effects of these factors on prostatic growth and the pathogenesis of benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH). METHODS The proximal and distal ends of the ductal system were incised from 20 normal(More)
The validity of skeletal muscle function as a functional measure of nutritional state was determined by stimulating the ulnar nerve at the wrist and measuring the force of isometric contractions of the adductor pollicis muscle. Nutritional state was evaluated by measuring body composition, by multiple-isotope dilution, in 21 malnourished and 44 normally(More)
Resect a segment of canine cervical trachea. The length of resected trachea is from 1-4cm and 5-8cm. In the first group, one dog was used for each length and two dogs were used for each length in the second group, therefore twelve were used in the experiment. The upper and lower ends were matched and seved by three stitches, and OB glue was used to coat in(More)
  • W Z Wang
  • 1991
Chromatometric assay of beta-GCD in the urine, gastric juice and saliva was conducted in 743 subjects. In the urine of 104 normal persons, 5 (4.8%) were beta-GCD positive. In the urine of 35 urinary bladder cancer patients, 20 (57.1%) were positive. beta-GCD content was very low in the gastric juice and saliva of normal subjects, giving a positivity of 0%.(More)
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