Weizhong Qian

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The aim of this article is to test whether the results obtained from a specific bibliographic research can be applied to a real search environment and enhance the level of utility of an information retrieval session for all levels of end users. In this respect, a Web-based Biblio-metric Information Retrieval System (BIRS) has been designed and created, with(More)
Feedstock and byproduct diffusion in the root growth of aligned carbon nanotube arrays is discussed. A non-dimensional modulus is proposed to differentiate catalyst-poisoning controlled growth deceleration from one which is diffusion controlled. It is found that, at current stage, aligned multi-walled carbon nanotube arrays are usually free of feedstock(More)
Here, we studied the interwall friction and sliding behaviors of double-walled carbon nanotubes (DWCNTs). The interwall friction shows a linear dependence on the pullout velocity of the inner wall. The axial curvature in DWCNTs causes the significant increase of the interwall friction. The axial curvature also affects the sliding behavior of the inner wall.(More)
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