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Two challenging issues are notable in tweet clustering. Firstly, the sparse data problem is serious since no tweet can be longer than 140 characters. Secondly, synonymy and polysemy are rather common because users intend to present a unique meaning with a great number of manners in tweets. Enlightened by the recent research which indicates Wikipedia is(More)
BACKGROUND Cholangiocarcinoma (CC) is an intractable cancer, arising from biliary epithelial cells, which has a poor prognosis and is increasing in incidence. Early diagnosis of CC is essential as surgical resection remains the only effective therapy. The purpose of this study was to identify improved biomarkers to facilitate early diagnosis and(More)
A synergetic classification algorithm for lymphocyte discrimination is developed. By improving the ISODATA algorithm, it is possible to cluster the cell types in the training set with respect to the cluster center samples which plays a role as the cell prototype set types. Based on synergetic theory, a two-step synergetic competition mechanism was(More)
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