Weizhen Peng

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The binding of factor (FVa) to phosphatidylserine (PS) membranes regulates assembly of the prothrombinase complex. Two pairs of solvent-exposed amino acids, Tyr(1956)/Leu(1957) in the C1 domain and Trp(2063)/Trp(2064) in the C2 domain, each make significant contributions to the affinity of FVa for PS membranes, but individually neither pair of amino acids(More)
Removal of primary tumors often leads to increases in growth of metastatic tumor cells. Thus, development of an efficient treatment to inhibit the growth of metastatic tumor cells after resection of primary tumors appears to be critical for cancer therapy. Here, we reported that administration of a Chinese medicine Shiquandabutao (SQDBT) after removal of(More)
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