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  • Weizhen Dong
  • 2003
Since the 1950s, China has had a very wide coverage of healthcare service at the local level. In urban areas, the employment-based healthcare-insurance schemes (Government Insurance Scheme and Labour Insurance Scheme) worked hand in hand with the full employment policy of the Government, which guaranteed basic care for almost every urban resident. However,(More)
BACKGROUND Each nation's government is searching for a cost-effective health care system. Some nations are developing their health care financing methods through gradual evolution of the existing ones, and others are trying to adopt other nations' successful schemes as their own financing strategies. RESULTS The Singaporean government seems able to(More)
AIM To examine the job satisfaction of nurses who are caring for older adults in healthcare settings in Shanghai, and to explore the underlying factors in order to explain and predict nurses' job satisfaction. BACKGROUND China has the largest elderly population in the world, and its population is aging rapidly. Studies on job satisfaction of nurses(More)
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