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Radio astronomical observations of highly Doppler shifted spectral lines of neutral hydrogen and the hydroxyl molecule must often be made at frequencies allocated to pulsed air surveillance radar in the 1215-1350 MHz frequency range. The Green Bank telescope (GBT) and many other observatories must deal with these terrestrial signals. Even when strong radar(More)
In this paper prediction of the fatigue reliability of a fixed jacket offshore wind turbine designed for a North Sea site in a water depth of 70 m is performed. The longterm statistical distribution of stress ranges of tubular joints is obtained by combination of time domain simulation for representative sea states. The load histories are normalised to(More)
Improved performance and reliability of 9xx nm single emitter laser diodes are presented. To date, over 15,000 hours of accelerated multi-cell lifetest reliability data has been collected, with drive currents from 14A to 18A and junction temperatures ranging from 60C to 110C. Out of 208 devices, 14 failures have been observed so far. Using established(More)
Radio astronomical observations of important L-band spectral lines must often be made at frequencies allocated to pulsed air surveillance RADAR in the 1215–1350 MHz band. Such pulsed interference must be dealt with at the Green Bank Telescope (GBT) and other observatories by " blank-ing " to remove corrupted data. This paper presents a new algorithm which(More)
We report on continued progress in the development of high power and high brightness single emitter laser diodes from 790 nm to 980 nm for reliable use in industrial and pumping applications. High performance has been demonstrated in nLIGHT's diode laser technology in this spectral range with corresponding peak electrical-to-optical power conversion(More)
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