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Telocyte (TC) as a special stromal cell exists in mammary gland and might play an important role in the balance of epithelium-stroma of mammary gland. Considering that different types of breast interstitial cells influence the development and progression of breast cancer, TCs may have its distinct role in this process. We here studied the roles of TCs in(More)
The genome of periodontal pathogen Aggregatibacter actinomycetemcomitans exhibits substantial variations in gene content among unrelated strains primarily due to the presence or absence of genomic islands. This study examined the genomic stability of A. actinomycetemcomitans during its persistent infection in the same host. Four pairs of A.(More)
Conventional surveying method could not solve the problem of detecting building's whole deformation in a short time, including in particular flatness and inclination values of the surface of the building. Aiming at this problem, this paper introduce a method to solve it based on terrestrial laser point cloud, first step is fitting point-cloud datum to(More)
Due to the poor spectrum utilization in time and space, the spectrum in cognitive radio is not only sparse but clusters in blocks in many situations. Based on the fact, a novel Bayesian compressed sensing algorithm for wideband spectrum sensing is proposed. In our proposed framework, firstly, the original signal should be sampled with sub-Nyquist sampling(More)
In this paper, an approach to grey forecasting model of bridge-condition is proposed. With a few data of evaluation we get, use grey forecasting model, can forecast bridge-health condition. The researched results can open new prospects for the development and application of systems methodology to bridge-health forecasting.