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Detecting intrusions at host level is vital to protecting shared resources in grid, but traditional host-based intrusion detecting system (HIDS) is not suitable for grid environment. Grid-specific attacks are different from traditional ones, and traditional HIDS can not recognize a grid user and always with high performance overhead. This paper proposes a(More)
As the size of the server cluster increases, management of clusters has been a daunting task. Traditional management architecture of cluster system fails in providing efficient management as the scale of a cluster increases. In this paper, a novel management architecture of a large-scale cluster system, called cooperation-oriented hierarchical autonomic(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe capillary blood flow at acupoints during acupuncture treatment of primary dysmenorrhea and gain new insights into its analgesic mechanism. METHODS Patients with primary dysmenorrhea were enrolled and randomly assigned to a treatment or control group. Subjects' symptoms were differentiated into various Traditional Chinese Medicine(More)
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