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This research aims to examine, from an innovation adoption perspective, Chinese students’ intention of taking up e-learning degrees. A survey of Chinese students was conducted to reveal their perceptions concerning innovation attributes relevant to e-learning and their intentions of taking e-learning programmes provided by UK universities. Given the rapid(More)
This paper addresses the identification of the rote of field knowledge broker in ICT based knowledge transfer practice in the perspective of knowledge transfer study. A case study is undertaken based on a Chinese agricultural extension project for the expert system applications implemented nationally in various agricultural production fields. This paper(More)
The importance of developing employability attributes within university graduates is gaining rapid momentum in the UK. One reason for this is that employers in the UK are disappointed by the quality of graduates moving into the workforce; this sentiment has also been echoed by the UK Government. With this in mind, attempts have been made to identify general(More)
Time series analysis is commonly used in economics and management research. It depicts the orderliness of the historical data changes over time with proper models, and analyzes and forecast the value of variables. Based on three modes of ARMA modeling, this paper suggests a method to predict the potential of resource of electronic waste with the data of(More)
Causal relation analysis is a promising application in product quality tracking and tracing. Considering the quality safety problems in China beef production, the causal relation analysis was introduced into the beef quality safety tracing system and a causal approach-based tracing method was proposed. Considering the implicity, complexity and dynamic(More)
This paper offers a qualitative study of the applications of ICT in supporting knowledge transfer for the enhancement of modern agricultural extension. To address the challenge, this paper applies an inter-disciplinary approaches to review, analysis and develop a knowledge transfer model, and to conducts an empirical verification of it. A framework is(More)
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