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Evaluating the power loss in power semiconductors is an important step in the process of research, development and design of a power electronics circuit topology. This paper presents a way of doing this via computer simulation. It is based on relatively simple component models and a fast simulation tool, but can quite precisely estimate the loss in power(More)
Tyrosinase is the key regulatory enzyme of melanogenesis and plays a major role in mammal coat color. For the first time, we have sequenced and characterized the tyrosinase (TYR) of Jining Gray Goat (Capra hircus), which is the world-famous fur-bearing animal with its special color and pattern. The full-length cDNA was cloned by a reverse-transcription(More)
This column examines the cognitive load of prediction markets from four steps of user's decision process (that is, timing, pricing, revisiting, and benefit) and discusses how a prediction market mechanism could have a low cognitive load. In the column, the authors propose that fixed-odds betting can be used as a prediction market mechanism with carefully(More)
BACKGROUND Researchers found that children with a competent level of motor skill performance are more likely to be physically active. This study examined how well K-1 students demonstrated motor skill competency in relation to Physical Education Content Standard 1. METHODS Participants were K-1 grade students (N = 1,223-1,588; boys = 568-857; girls =(More)
The wisdom of crowds has been recognized as an effective decision making mechanism by aggregating information from different individuals to derive an overall decision. However, in this information aggregation process, individuals may be influenced by various factors and provide biased claims (or individual level decisions), especially when such claims are(More)
This study was to examine how well fourth- and fifth-grade students demonstrated motor skill competency assessed with selected PE Metrics assessment rubrics (2009). Fourth- and fifth-grade students (n = 1,346-1,926) were assessed on their performance of three manipulative skills using the PE Metrics Assessment Rubrics during the pre-intervention year, the(More)
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