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Evaluating the power loss in power semiconductors is an important step in the process of research, development and design of a power electronics circuit topology. This paper presents a way of doing this via computer simulation. It is based on relatively simple component models and a fast simulation tool, but can quite precisely estimate the loss in power(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the liver-protection and promoting bile secretion of ursolic acid. METHODS Ursolic acid was administrated to the mice with liver injury induced by CCl4 or APIT. ALT, AST levels in serum were examined. The bile flow rate and the concentration of the main components in the bile of rats administrated with ursolic acid were estimated. (More)
The purpose of this study was to describe how an accomplished teacher taught second-grade students to design games that integrated movement and mathematics content. The participants were one physical education teacher; a classroom teacher, and an intact class of 20 second-grade students. Qualitative data were gathered through videotaping of all lessons,(More)
Prediction markets provide a promising approach for future event prediction. Most existing prediction market approaches are based on auction mechanisms. Despite their theoretical appeal and success in various application settings, these mechanisms suffer from several major drawbacks. First, opinions from experts and amateurs are treated equally. Second,(More)
BACKGROUND Patient blood management (PBM) programs can reduce unnecessary transfusions, but the optimal methods used to achieve this effect are unclear. We tested the hypothesis that encouraging single-unit red blood cell (RBC) transfusions in stable patients would have a greater impact on blood use than compliance with a specific hemoglobin (Hb)(More)
This study was to examine how well fourth- and fifth-grade students demonstrated motor skill competency assessed with selected PE Metrics assessment rubrics (2009). Fourth- and fifth-grade students (n = 1,346-1,926) were assessed on their performance of three manipulative skills using the PE Metrics Assessment Rubrics during the pre-intervention year, the(More)