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Passive source localization has been the focus of considerable research efforts due to its usefulness in various applications. This paper performs a fundamental investigation of whether the gain ratios of arrival (GROAs) can be utilized in conjunction with the range differences of arrival (RDOAs) to improve the multiple sources localization accuracy in the(More)
In this paper, a low complexity Modified QRD-M (MQRD-M) algorithm based on limited tree search is proposed for MIMO systems. The sphere radius and candidate set of each branch are considered to reduce the computational complexity. The sphere radius is efficiently acquired through the QRD detection based on pruning off unnecessary survival branches at each(More)
In this paper, a linear Channel Orthogonalization (CO) algorithm with low complexity is presented, which is applicable to systems with an arbitrary number of antennas and users. Unlike other conventional linear methods, CO obtains the orthonormal basis to achieve the precoding matrix by means of using Schmidt Orthogonalization method. Then, the algorithm(More)
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