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BACKGROUND Previous studies have shown that individuals with schizophrenia have a greater risk for psoriasis than a typical person. This suggests that there might be a shared genetic etiology between the 2 conditions. We aimed to characterize the potential shared genetic susceptibility between schizophrenia and psoriasis using genome-wide marker genotype(More)
BACKGROUND We confirmed that the filaggrin gene mutation c.3321delA is associated with atopic dermatitis in our previous genome wide association study of the Chinese Han population. c.3321delA is the most common filaggrin gene mutation in Chinese atopic dermatitis patients but is not present in European populations. OBJECTIVE To investigate the genetic(More)
Generalized vitiligo is an autoimmune disease characterized by melanocyte loss, which results in patchy depigmentation of skin and hair, and is associated with an elevated risk of other immune-related diseases. However, there is no reported study on the associations between immune susceptibility polymorphisms and the risk of vitiligo with immune-related(More)
The Nedd4 family E3 ligases are key regulators of cell growth and proliferation and are often misregulated in human cancers and other diseases. The ligase activities of Nedd4 E3s are tightly controlled via auto-inhibition. However, the molecular mechanism underlying Nedd4 E3 auto-inhibition and activation is poorly understood. Here, we show that the WW(More)
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