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BACKGROUND The Sixth Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside (i2b2) Natural Language Processing Challenge for Clinical Records focused on the temporal relations in clinical narratives. The organizers provided the research community with a corpus of discharge summaries annotated with temporal information, to be used for the development and(More)
Temporal information in clinical narratives plays an important role in patients' diagnosis, treatment and prognosis. In order to represent narrative information accurately, medical natural language processing (MLP) systems need to correctly identify and interpret temporal information. To promote research in this area, the Informatics for Integrating Biology(More)
OBJECTIVES To provide an overview of the problem of temporal reasoning over clinical text and to summarize the state of the art in clinical natural language processing for this task. TARGET AUDIENCE This overview targets medical informatics researchers who are unfamiliar with the problems and applications of temporal reasoning over clinical text. SCOPE(More)
OBJECTIVE To improve the normalization of relative and incomplete temporal expressions (RI-TIMEXes) in clinical narratives. METHODS We analyzed the RI-TIMEXes in temporally annotated corpora and propose two hypotheses regarding the normalization of RI-TIMEXes in the clinical narrative domain: the anchor point hypothesis and the anchor relation hypothesis.(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of driving environment for All-Terrain vehicle (ATV) is significant to the development of ATV. This paper proposes a method which can reconstruct the driving environment for ATV based on binocular vision. The specific implementation process includes image preprocessing, image stereo matching and 3D reconstruction of the(More)
Charging performance affects the commercial application of electric vehicles (EVs) significantly. This paper presents an optimal charging strategy for Li-ion batteries based on the voltage-based multistage constant current (VMCC) charging strategy. In order to satisfy the different charging demands of the EV users for charging time, charged capacity and(More)
The narrative portions of medical records complement structured electronic health records and provide valuable, longitudinal health information that can guide research and clinical care. Even in a single record there is significant longitudinal medical information that outlines the sequence of clinically significant events and the medical history for a(More)
We study the interactions in a coherent community on Twitter to examine its structure. In particular we examine if there exists a hierarchical influence structure induced by the interactions which reflect a ranked partition of the users in the community where users retweet (forward) only messages from other users belonging to an equal or higher ranked(More)
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