Weiyi Chen

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The InfiniBand Architecture provides availability, reliability, scalability, and performance for server I/O and inter-server communication. The InfiniBand specification not only describes the physical interconnect and the high-level management functions but also a wide range of functions from simple unreliable communication to network partitioning, with(More)
Wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) optical networks are becoming more attractive due to their unprecedented high bandwidth provisions and reliability over data transmission among nodes. Therefore, it is not uncommon for enterprises to build a datacenter with over thousands of nodes using WDM optical networks. To reach the high speed over optical links,(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and evaluate a framework for simulating low-field proton-density weighted MRI acquisitions based on high-field acquisitions, which could be used to predict the minimum B0 field strength requirements for MRI techniques. This framework would be particularly useful in the evaluation of de-noising and constrained reconstruction techniques.(More)
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