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This paper proposes a fully distributed reactive power optimization algorithm that can obtain the global optimum of non-convex problems for distribution networks without a central coordinator. Second-order cone (SOC) relaxation is used to achieve exact convexification. A fully distributed algorithm is then formulated corresponding to the given division of(More)
—In distribution networks, there are slow controlling devices and fast controlling devices for Volt-VAR regulation. These slow controlling devices, such as capacitors or voltage regulators, cannot be operated frequently and should be scheduled tens of minutes ahead (Hereafter named as slow control). Since of the uncertainties in predicting the load and(More)
—This paper proposes a fully distributed robust state-estimation (D-RBSE) method that is applicable to multi-area power systems with nonlinear measurements. We extend the recently introduced bilinear formulation of state estimation problems to a robust model. A distributed bilinear state-estimation procedure is developed. In both linear stages, the state(More)
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