Weiyang Wang

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Myocellular creatine (Cr) uptake is predominantly governed by a sodium-dependent creatine transporter (CreaT) and plays a pivotal role in skeletal muscle energy metabolism. The CreaT belongs to a neurotransmitter transporter family that can be functionally regulated by protein tyrosine kinase induced tyrosine phosphorylation. The association between(More)
Nanomaterials with particular nanostructures which usually possess special properties always attract considerable attention. A novel bimetallic Pt/Cu hexapod nanostructure was prepared by a facile one-pot strategy. The formation mechanism was investigated by the time sequential evolution experiments and the hexapod concave nanostructures originated from the(More)
Inter-firm trust is an essential element in supplier relationship that shapes the collaboration and coordination between suppliers and buyers. In this paper, we use system dynamics as an approach and perspective to analyze the evolutionary process of supply chain collaboration. Use a valve manufacturing firm as an illustrative case, this paper illustrates(More)
—G.fast is an upcoming next generation DSL standard envisioned to use bandwidth up to 212 MHz. Far-end crosstalk (FEXT) at these frequencies greatly overcomes direct links. Its cancellation based on non-linear Tomlinson-Harashima Precod-ing (THP) proved to show significant advantage over standard linear precoding. This paper proposes a novel THP structure(More)
To my wife Rita, my mother in memoriam, my father, and my daughters Nadine and Rachelle. Summary This thesis is concerned with the developments of computer support systems for collaborative design environments. A multiuser collaborative design system requires the shared understanding of a design artefact among a design team. The thesis explores the issues(More)
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