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  • W. Cai
  • 2004
The integrated starter generator/alternator (ISG or ISA) uses one machine to replace conventional starter and alternator onboard vehicles. Its stop/restart function and vehicle launch assistance etc helps reduce the fuel consumption and emissions and enhance vehicle performance. The ISA machine is required providing high cranking and launch assistant torque(More)
Fundamental frequency (<i>F</i><inf>0</inf>) is one of the essential features in many acoustic related applications. Although numerous <i>F</i><inf>0</inf> detection algorithms have been developed, the detection accuracy in noisy environments still needs improvement. We present a hybrid noise resilient <i>F</i><inf>0</inf> detection algorithm named BaNa(More)
Bridge " under the supervision of Professor Wendi Heinzelman. iii Acknowledgments I would like to express my greatest gratitude to the people who have helped and supported me. First, I would like to thank Professor Wendi Heinzelman for her continuous guidance and invaluable advice on my thesis. Many thanks to my parents for their undivided support and(More)
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